Monday, July 6, 2009

Grillin' Pizzas

Well I tried to take a break, but I couldn't. The weekend weather was just too nice. This time it was pizza day. I had done another batch of roasted red peppers earlier in the afternoon (because we went through the entire first batch already) so I was already in grilling mode. After the peppers were done I used the left over fire to grill some pineapple slices and ham for my hawaiian pizza. I like to make smaller personal size pizzas on the grill because they are much easier to handle. With the batch of dough the recipe makes we ended up with about 6 pizzas. And I'm pretty sure we made 6 different types of pizzas.
pizza dough (from the Weber cookbook)

1 package active yeast
1.5 cups warm water
4 cups flour
1 tsp sugar
1 tbsp kosher salt
3 tbsp evoo

Alexis helped out with the dough and after letting it rise for about an hour and a half, I shaped out some pizza crusts. Making each on their own piece of parchment paper for easy handling. I fired up the Weber again (medium fire, direct heat) and grilled two crusts at a time. The goal is to cook one side, take it off the grill to put on the toppings on the grilled side, then back on the grill to cook the bottom side. It's really only on there for a couple mins each time. The goal is to get a nice thin crispy crust with an melted top. Overall, this one was a lot of fun but I think I overcomplicated things a bit for myself by having all those extra types of toppings and there was definetly no need for 6 pizzas for just the two of us. I think next time I'll keep things simpler by making only one or two pizzas and saving the rest of the dough for strombolis.

My favorite was the hawaiian pizza, and Alexis' favorite was her pesto, mozzarella, and tomato pizza.


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  2. Oh God, those look delicious! I'm feelin a meat lovers with hot Italian sausage, some good ham, and some thickly sliced pepperoni. Do you make late night deliveries to Newark on the weekends?

  3. sorry, no delivery available. call-ahead dine-in only. meat lovers does sound pretty good though.