Monday, August 31, 2009

Black Peppercorn Filet Mignon

I've been neglecting my Weber.  I haven't been treating it the way I should have been.  All these weeks since I've started this blog, and not once did the Weber get to see a good steak.  I've grilled pork, chicken, burgers and even pizzas, but not once all summer, did I put a steak on the grill.  I'm sorry Weber.  In restitution, I've upgraded the landslide winner of the "what should I cook next?" poll  (black peppercorn NY Strip), to the black peppercorn Filet Mignon. 

Three good filets.  You always want to let them come to room temp first before putting the on the grill.

I spread a little dijon mustard on the steaks first.  Then evenly sprinkled on salt a black pepper.  The mustard isn't so much for flavor, but more for holding on the peppercorns.  Once on the grill the mustard basically burns off so all you left with is the pepper and steak. 

I made a 2-zone fire with pretty high heat.  The idea is to start on the direct heat side for a couple minutes.  Then turn the steaks, (not flip) so you end up with cross hatch grill marks, and sear for a couple more minutes.  Then flip to grill the other side.  There's no need to turn again since you only see one side of the steak when it's on the plate.

These were pretty thick steaks so once I had the outsides the way I wanted them, I moved them to the indirect heat side to let them finish off.  Depending on the thickness of the steak you may not even need the last step.  Overall they turned out pretty good.  It definitely made me wonder why I waited until almost Labor Day to grill steaks. 

On another note, the end of summer grill-a-thon is in the planning stages.  So if you're in the Elkton area the weekend of Sept. 19th, and you're hungry, you may want to stop by.  Stay tuned.  More to come on that soon. 


  1. I'm inspired. What do you think about me manning a grill for the Grill-a-thon? My first move will be to get a Weber of my own. Then, decide what to grill. I'm going strictly for creativity. Doing something that's never been grilled before.

  2. Go for it! The more grilling the better. As for something new and creative to grill. Check out the August 10th post on the following blog.

    I was going to give a try sometime, but I'd kinda like to see it done first.

  3. mark... i don't recommend grilling broccoli, etc. just remember, you don't make friends with salad.