Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Barbeque Chicken Wings

There's nothing like getting ready for grilling dinner by grilling lunch.  I had the day off work and the sun was shining so that meant I was hanging out on the deck with some beers and tunes.  The only thing to add for a perfect afternoon would be some wings.  This is basically the same recipe I used in a previous post. (and I did in the Netherlands while visiting Dan and Courtney)  I used the chipotle marinade from Weber, but this time instead of letting it marinate in big bowl, I used a big ziplock bag and pressed out all the air so the chicken was getting every little bit of marinade that it could handle.

I made another 2-zone fire with high heat.  Midway through, I moved all the wings to the indirect heat side and brushed on some "Bone Suckin Sauce" BBQ sauce.

For the last couple of minutes I moved all the wings back to the direct heat side and did some final basting.  I like to let the bbq sauce get nice and caramelized and almost crispy.  Buffalo wings sometimes get all the attention, and you see them on every appetizer menu at every restaurant you go to, but I think simple barbequed wings from the grill are one of the tastiest treats to go with some beers.


  1. YUM! We did a 2 grill day on Saturday -- lunch and dinner.. and our dinner was Chicken Wings (or as Owen calls them, Chicken bones). Owen special requested them. I think we all enjoy them as much for the taste but also for the nostalgia of your visit. that was fun!

  2. @courtney... sorry i didn't even see your comment till now. dont know how that one slipped by. Did you do 2 giant bags again or a smaller order of wings this time? :) what did you grill for lunch that day?

  3. when you were here, we bought 2 kilos--- since you left, we've been eating 1.5 kilos---none left over!

    as for lunch, most of the family had some sort of wurst. I opted for left-over pizza. :-)