Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cedar Plank Turkey

Earlier this summer when I started this blog, I said that I would post my grilling successes and failures.  I think this one would be my first failure.  It wasn't a complete "let's just order a pizza" failure, but not quite good enough to fall into the success category.  I started out with a turkey london broil and the idea to use a cedar plank to add some smokiness and flavor.  Turns out the principle was good.  The execution was bad.  I don't know if it was the rain clouds looming, my meat thermometer lying to me, or if I was just plain too hungry to wait any longer, but I apparently pulled it off the grill too soon.  Most of the turkey was juicy, flavorful, and cooked through, but the thicker half was still a bit pink in the middle.  Pink in the middle is good for steaks, not for turkey.  So I had to take the grill man's walk of shame, and carry my mostly cooked turkey back out to the grill for a while we dined on rice, veggies and bread.  As for the good news, the first half of the turkey was actually really good.  The marinade I used kept things juicy and the cedar plank added something new to what could have been just another slice of plain turkey.  Things to remember for next time: patience is a good thing, and cedar planks aren't just for salmon.  I'm looking foward to redeeming myself.

It did make for a nice picture though.  Honestly, it looks done doesn't it? :)
I'll file this one under gobbler gaffe...turkey trip up...fowl flubb...lesson learned.


  1. like the new background. also secretly hoping that you have another not-so-perfect experience just so i can (not) read the funny names you come up with.

    (blogger wouldn't let me strike "not" in the same style as your flubs)

  2. hey Cookout Court! Hope all is grilling well in the Netherlands. As always, I'm enjoying your blog too. As for the "not-so-perfect" experiences, I'm hoping this weekend that I'm actually at my best. Not only for redemption, but this weekend is the (read in best monster truck rally voice) First Annual, End of Summer Grill-a-thon! Multiple grills with multiple generations of Milam grilling.

  3. Wow!! Do we ever wish we could be there!! Since this is the first annual, we may just have to schedule vacation for the second annual! Have a great time, and take lots of pictures!!