Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Italian Sausage and Peppers

The next best thing to do with beer, besides drinking it, is simmering sausage in it on the grill.  I started off dinner by cutting up some peppers and onions.  Once I had everything sliced up, I put them in some disposable pans and added a some oil, salt, a pepper.  When the grill got hot and I had the coals just the way I wanted them, I added the veggies over direct heat.  After a couple mins I moved the veggies to the indirect heat and added the sausages to the grill.  I like to get the outsides of the sausages done first then let them finish off simmering in the beer.
I only had three pans at the house so once the veggies cooked down a little I combined them into one pan, so I had two to cook the sausage in.  I poured some beer into the pans, then it's bath time for everyone.  I don't know how I did it, but I managed to get the sausages and the veggies done perfectly and finished at the same time. 

Ordinarily I would have had some buns and provolone waiting to make sandwiches, but this time I served them straight with the veggies over top. Mark joined me for dinner out on the deck since Alexis was at grad class.  Overall, a simple, yet tasty finish to a good day of grilling.  I'll have to try the 2 grilling days more often.  Or even better, a 3 grilling day.  Anyone know a good breakfast recipe for the grill?

Grill-a-thon update: Mark now wants his own grill to man and is looking to buy a Weber.  That would mean we could have 3 charcoal Weber One-touch grills, 1 Weber Genesis propane grill, and a smoker all going at once.  We better start working on getting enough people over to eat this much food.


  1. What a great use of the drip pans. I am so anal about having those things "in stock", I would have not thought about using them for the obvious.

  2. You are a grilling machine! I would really like you to grill breakfast, too. Some eggs on a pan with some breakfast sausage, and some toast would be delicious. ACTUALLY some simmered sausage gravy would be good too! -weaver

  3. Weaver! good to see you on the blog. Sometime you're going to have to show me those cheese stuffed burgers that I hear about.