Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Pork Tenderloins are the hardest things in the world to photograph.  I try going in close for texture.  I try a different angle for perspective.  Yet it always comes out so boring.  Let's face it.  It pretty much looks like a big turd.  I imagine that it really would be much more compositionally appealling once it was cut with the slices spread out and displayed.  But, I always end up more involved with eating than photography once it's serving time.   Perhaps someday I'll find a tenderloin with more personality in front of the camera. 
As for the details on this one, there really isn't much.  Simplicity was the name of the game here.  Fire was at med-high direct heat.  Flavor was simply from a rub that my cousin Kevin gave me while I was in Detroit.  A couple of minutes on the grill for each side with some mesquite chips for smokiness, and we had perfectly done Pork Tenderloin.  Simply tasty.  Simply delicious.   

Above is another example of my struggle with the elusive tenderloin money shot.  I suppose I could write a short piece on how the tenderloin is special on the inside and looks don't always matter, and how being photogenic isn't everything...but alas, I spend too much time drooling over sexy T-bone steaks oozing with melted cheese.  Damn my shallowness.  


  1. The second shot is the money shot

    GREAT char marks!

  2. @A Year on the Grill...Wow thanks! Leftovers tonite did confirm it was a tasty tenderloin. Sad to hear you're leaving St Thomas though.

  3. Wow, that looks delicious!