Sunday, July 4, 2010

Barbeque Wings and Buffalo Wings

As much as I enjoy trying new recipes and foods, sometimes it can be nice just fall back on a simple favorite.  It takes hardly any prep, I've got the system down, and it comes out perfect every time.  And they still are my favorite wings of all time.

Prep: Weber Grill Creations Chipotle Mix
Fire: Two Zone, High heat

Once everything is cooking along nicely it's just a matter of moving wings around from hot side to cool side to manage cooking.  I like bits of crispiness on the outside but tender and juicy on the inside.  Half of the wings stay naked while the other half get basted with barbeque sauce.  When all my wings look happy, I take everything off and the non-sauced wings go into a container with the buffalo sauce for a good shakin'.  Then it's just time to sit down to a big plate of Buffalo Wings and Barbeque Wings.

I'm not afraid to say that when I sit down for wings, I basically dive in.  There's nothing pretty about it.  My wife just looks at me like I've somehow regressed from the man she married into a some sort of caveman, hunched over a pile of bones, pulling every morsel of meat off.  But by the time I'm done, beneath the smear of sauce all over my face, is the smile of a satisfied grill man.

On a side note, I thought I'd post one of my many "Weber self portraits".  Oh come on...admit it..... we've all got pics like this.

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